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Karen’s Mashups-Show 2-History

Friday, March 30th, 2007

This show highlights history-related podcasts that can be used in your classroom. They’re also great resources for differentiating instruction. Try giving them to students to use for review. Or use them as enrichment opportunities for those few students who always finish ahead of everyone else. Have students use them as springboards for further research or their own multimedia presentations. The possibilities are endless.


Featured in this episode are the following:

Profile America from the US Census Bureau
(segment on Robert L. Johnson )
This daily podcast features short 1-minute profiles of American figures, facts, events, and places. These short shows are suitable for younger elementary students. Each day in February, the show profiled figures in African American history.

Matt’s Today in History from Matt Dattilo
(Austria Annexed by Germany)
This podcast features important events from each date in history. Each show, produced by Matt Dattilo, is about 10 minutes long. This podcast could be used as a warm-up or enrichment activity. Back issues could be matched to topics being studied in class. Transcripts are included on the web site.

Great Speeches in History from Learn Out Loud
(FDR – The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself)
This weekly show features speeches from history, including ones from Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, and many others. Some are re-enactments, while others are historic recordings. The shows are anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes long and are suitable for a variety of ages.

Colonial Williamsburg – Past and Present from Colonial Williamsburg
(Thomas Jefferson vs. Patrick Henry)
These podcasts from Colonial Williamsburg cover early American history, often from through conversations with historic characters, such as Thomas Jefferson and Benedict Arnold, as interpreted by Williamsburg actors. Some shows feature interviews with present figures, such as historians, authors, and museum staff. The shows are typically about 15 minutes long and air weekly. Enhanced podcasts are also available.

History Podcast from Jason Watts
(John Paul Jones)
This history podcast, produced by Jason Watts, focuses on a different person or event each week and includes shows from guest podcasters. (This is a good way to try your hand at podcasting!) This show could be used for review or enrichment of in-class topics, as well as for general knowledge and enjoyment. Episodes

The History Capsule from Mystery Play Internet Radio
This podcast features “historical newscasts, period music, and the sounds of history,” including cultural pieces like radio plays. Most of the episodes are around an hour long and include several segments that could be listened to individually. The focus is on American history with lots of great WWII content. This authentic content gives listeners a feel for the time period and helps bring history alive. It would be an interesting tool to study critical media literacy (a very important topic) by looking at perspective, point of view, and bias.

THANKS to all of you for making this great content available.

Here is another history-related podcast that didn’t make it into the show:
Organization of American Historians – Talking History
They’ve suspended their podcast (hopefully temporarily), but there are lots of great back episodes to use.

Our next episode will feature podcasts of interest to school library media specialists, including library podcasts, literature circles, book talks, and more.

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Karen’s Mashups-Show 1-Inaugural episode

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Welcome to Karen’s Mashup. This is the first mashup show I produced….dreamed up one evening at the NCCE conference. This show has a variety of content and no particular theme. Included are:


Bob Sprankle and Wells Elementary (Room 208 and now 209 Podcast)
This is a student-produced podcast from Wells Elementary in Wells, ME. This show is a literature circle discussion and was produced by 3rd and 4th grades.
Spoken Wikipedia
This is an excerpt from one of the spoken Wikipedia articles. These are available free of charge, and as Open Source content, they can be edited as you like.

Grammar Girl
Grammar Girl is a weekly podcast that features “quick and dirty” tips for writing.

Los Angeles County Office of Education
This is part of a podcast from the LA County Office of Education. They often have meetings to disseminate professional development information to schools they serve. They have recently begun using podcasting as another way to get information out. This podcast tells about the latest round of EETT grants in California.

Radio WillowWeb and Willowdale Elementary
Radio WillowWeb is a podcast from Willowdale Elementary in Omaha, NE (former school of Tony Vincent). The excerpt included is from an episode on the U.S. Constitution produced by 5th graders.

Colonial Williamsburg
“Colonial Williamsburg: Past and Present” is a weekly show that features conversations with characters from America’s past, interpreted by actors. has a ton of great resources for ESL and ELL students.

LD Podcast
The LD Podcast is a show for parents of children with learning disabilities or anyone interested in learning more about kids who may be struggling in school.

THANKS to everyone for contributing this great content!

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