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Karen’s Mashups-Show 6-Professional Development

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

This our first video podcast, and it features professional development resources. (We’ll have another show in the future to look at professional development materials in an audio only format.)


With today’s time pressures, finding release days for professional development is a challenge. Podcasting can help address this and provides support a just-in-time way that can be accessed whenever it is needed. In this show, you’ll see some interesting ways districts are putting this to use.

Included in this show are:


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Karen’s Mashups-Show 5-Mobile Technology

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

This show spotlights podcasts that relate to mobile technologies, including handhelds, cell phones, GPS receivers, MP3 players (including iPods), wireless, and more. These technologies are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, both in schools and in the larger world. In education, they offer unique opportunities to differentiate instruction. (And I believe so strongly in their potential that my full-time job is helping schools use them.)


Please note that the podcasts on this week’s show are not necessarily intended for kids, so, as with all Internet content, make sure to screen the content before sharing. (There’s nothing unfriendly to a general audience in this show though.:)

Featured in this show are:

(excerpt from Show 106 on Apple, iPods, and convergence)
Engadget is one of the premiere web sites/blogs on all kinds of gadgets and consumer electronics. Reading Engadget or listening to their podcast is a great way to stay up on the latest news in cell phones, handhelds, computers, media players, game machines, and lots of other interesting gizmos. Editor-in-Chief Peter Rojas and Managing Editor Ryan Block produce an entertaining podcast about once a week. It’s quite in-depth and generally about an hour long. The show notes give time code points for various segments so you can skip right to what you want to hear if you don’t have time for the whole show.

Podcasting Underground
(segment from show 13 about promoting your podcast through search engines)
The Podcasting Underground from podcasting guru Jason Van Orden gives tips and tricks for other podcasters. Jason also has a blog and tutorials on his site and has written a book about podcasting. Make sure to check out past topics on this show, which include things like using Feedburner, the legalities of using music in your podcast, and equipment requirements.

(excerpt from show 97 on puzzle caching)
The PodCacher weekly show is all about geocaching, the adventure hobby that involves using a GPS to find hidden treasures out in the world. Podcaching combines geocaching with podcasting by providing audio clues. This fun podcast will clue you in to all kinds of caching fun, such as earthcaches, puzzle caches, and more.

The Cell Phone Junkie
(segment from show 49 on J.D. Power survey and the iPhone and enterprise)
This podcast covers everything you ever wanted to know about the latest in cell phones, including hardware reviews, news items, technical tips, and loads more. The show airs weekly and is generally about 40 minutes long.

Soft Reset
(segment on show 18 on Quizzler)
Soft Reset is a podcast for people using handhelds in education hosted by Tony Vincent and Mike Curtis. The show airs once a month or so and includes classroom management suggestions, software reviews, tips, Q&A segments, and more.

Here are a few other valuable resources that didn’t make it into the show:Today in iPhone (You’ve got to love this. A podcast about a product that doesn’t even exist yet.)Learning in Hand: iPods (Tony Vincent’s newest podcast)Mobility Today1SrcOur next show will be our first video podcast and will feature examples of using video for professional development.

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Site improvements

Monday, May 14th, 2007

We’ve made a few changes to the site this week. Most notably, there is now a streaming in-line player control for each show. Using this, you can start listening before the whole show downloads. If you click the play button and find that the audio is breaking up, you may not have a fast enough connection for streaming. In that case, just download the file.

At the bottom of each player is a download link [e.g. Show 4-Elementary (download)] as well. To download, just right-click (Windows) or apple-click (Mac) and choose to save the target to the desired location (e.g. your desktop).

Let us know how these changes work out and/or if you have other suggestions.