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Student podcast contest

Saturday, September 29th, 2007


It’s time for the 2nd Annual 21st Century Explorer Podcast Competition for students.

The challenge is to make an audio or video podcast answering the question “What do you think is NASA’s greatest exploration achievement in the past 50 years and why?”

The competition starts on Oct. 1 and ends after they’ve received 1,000 entries in each category (or on Jan. 4, 2008 if that comes first). This is open to U.S. students age 11-18.

See all the details on the 2nd Annual 21st Century Explorer Podcast Competition web site.

Karen’s Mashups-Show 12-Parent info

Monday, September 17th, 2007

In this show, we're spotlighting podcasts targeted toward parents.

For many, it's the beginning of a new school year and the time for back-to-school nights and other parent and student activities. We know, both from research and practical experience, that when parents are involved in their children's education, achievement improves. But, like all of us, parents have many priorities competing for their time. Podcasts provide one way to facilitate home-school communications in a way that lets parents participate on their own schedule.


This show includes a variety of podcasts for parents. Some are produced by schools. These include podcasts from administrators and teachers to help let parents know about everything from overall academic goals to day-to-day classroom activities. There are also podcasts from other organizations that talk about topics ranging from parenting tips to sports to getting kids in to college.

The work featured in this show includes:


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Karen’s Mashups-Show 11-Museums

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

In this show, we’re listening to podcasts from museums. Many museums are offering audio and video podcasts, covering topics including art, history, science, and more.

Museum podcasts are a great way to get ready for a field trip. Some include listening guides or other classroom activities that can be used with the podcast. Even if you aren’t visiting, they provide a wonderful multimedia supplement for your classroom lessons and a great way to bring virtual field trips to life. Some schools even have their students produce their own podcasts about museums or historical sites they’ve visited.


The MuseumPods portal is a great place to start looking for museum podcasts.

Featured in this show are:


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