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Karen’s Mashups-Show 24-Special Needs

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

This show highlights podcasts for learners with special needs.

There is new information coming out all the time about learning disabilities, brain research, universal design for learning, and more. Podcasts are a good way to keep up with it all and to connect with others who have share an interest in specific issues.


Our classrooms are filled with ever-increasingly diverse students. Static and often inaccessible educational resources like textbooks are not appropriate for many learners. The accommodations that can be made to increase accessibility are good not only for special populations but for ALL students. The principles behind Universal Design for Learning could revolutionize educational success for many learners.

Included in this show are:


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Karen’s Mashups-Show 23-Test Prep

Friday, April 4th, 2008

This time of year, many schools are focusing on preparation for high stakes tests. All students can benefit from improving their study skills and learning how to prep for tests, even if it’s just for regular end-of-unit tests or quizzes. There are a variety of podcasts available that can help students with this, and we’ll be featuring several in this show.


(For the moment, I’m going to put aside my feelings about the current state of testing and test prep, but if the frenzy of test prep makes you crazy, here are my thoughts.)

Another way to use podcasting for review and study purposes is to create your own studycasts. These can be audio or video versions of information you’d normally cover in a printed review packet. For some students, audio or video is more engaging and accessible. Another idea is to have your students create their own studycasts at the end of each unit. In the course of doing so, they will master the content and hone their own communication skills.

Included in this show are excerpts from the following:


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