Karen’s Mashups-Show 4-Elementary Student Productions

This show features podcasts created by elementary students. Having students create podcasts is a great way to reinforce content area skills through motivating project-based learning. It also helps students develop a range of higher order thinking skills and real-world proficiencies in technology, communications, and much more.


Featured in this show are:

Our City from St. Andrew’s Priory School
(segment on Hawaii )
This show produced by 3rd graders tells about their home, Hawaii. This is one of the shows from the Our City podcast, a collection of student-created podcasts from schools in different cities. It is managed by Tony Vincent of Learning in Hand. Tony has all the planning materials and support you need to produce a show right on his site. This is a great way to get started with podcasting for schools who want to try it, but may not be ready to commit to producing a regular show. Check it out!

Jamestown podcast from Jamestown Elementary
(segment on the Jamestown settlement)
Jamestown Elementary in Arlington, VA has a busy group of podcasting kids! In addition to their regular show, they have podcasts on Famous Americans, Jamestown 2007 (celebrating the 400 years of the first colony in Jamestown, VA), a Guide to the Smithsonian Institution museums, a Guide to Monuments on the National Mall in Washington, DC, and more. They’ve also produced some great video podcasts, which we’ll feature in a future show.

The CarverCast from G.W. Carver Elementary
(excerpt from “A Peculiar Podcast!”)
G.W. Carver Elementary has students in a variety of grade levels, including kindergarteners, producing podcasts. Some are theme-based. Others include books talks and original stories. The excerpt featured here was produced by kids in a special after-school program sponsored by their PTA.

Room 208 from Wells Elementary
(segment from “What Should a Classroom Look Like in 2015?”)
Bob Sprankle is a pioneer in the area of podcasting with students. Mr. Sprankle and his students have created audio, enhanced, and video podcasts on a wide variety of topics. Their bonus shows include fields trips, interviews, literature circles, concerts, and more. (Mr. Sprankle recently transitioned into a new job as the school’s Technology Integrator, and Room 208 is now Room 209. They are busily working on a new podcast, so stay tuned.)

WKSN student news from Kate Sullivan Elementary
(segment from WKSN student news broadcast)
This school in Florida does a daily broadcast of their student-delivered news and announcements. Most shows are seven minutes or so in length. Each show starts with the pledge and a patriotic song, followed by the school menu, the weather, a word of the day, a today-in-history feature, special school events, school announcements, and more. Some pre-produced announcements and “words of wisdom” from the principal are also included. Producing a podcast from your school announcments is a relatively easy way to get started with student podcasting and also provides valuable information to parents and others.

ColeyCast from Tovashal Elementary
(segment from “Human Body Systems”)
This podcast is created by the talented 5th graders in Mr. Coley’s class in Murrieta, CA. (This show was also published as an enhanced podcast with embedded images, so check that out on their web site.) Each show features a different topic from social studies, science, and language arts. Mr. Coley also has a StudyCast show to help students review for tests.

Radio WillowWeb from Willowdale Elementary
(excerpt from “Writing Traits” podcast)
This well-known podcast was started by Learning in Hand’s Tony Vincent and is now facilitated by Cathy Greenwald. Students at Willowdale Elementary from grades 1-5 produce these entertaining shows that span a variety of subjects. Radio WillowWeb’s web site also has a lot of good information about what you need to get started podcasting.
Here’s one other great student-created podcast we couldn’t get in: Portable Radio from Ottawa, Canada.

See you next time!

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  2. Kevin H. Says:

    Hi Karen

    Thanks for all the mashing. This one was great. I worked with a bunch of teachers this year on a Youth Radio project, in which kids from around the country (and into the Philippines) posted podcast stories, reflections, etc, and then we blogged comments. We’re still working out the kinks but it was very cool experience for our elementary students.


    Again, thanks for all the work and the sharing.


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