Karen’s Mashups-Show 6-Professional Development

This our first video podcast, and it features professional development resources. (We’ll have another show in the future to look at professional development materials in an audio only format.)


With today’s time pressures, finding release days for professional development is a challenge. Podcasting can help address this and provides support a just-in-time way that can be accessed whenever it is needed. In this show, you’ll see some interesting ways districts are putting this to use.

Included in this show are:

T4 Tips podcast from Jordan School District
(segment on using LCD projectors)
The Jordan School District is using video podcasts to provide technology integration support to their staff. (They also have several schools producing student podcasts.) The topics of these podcasts are practical and cutting edge, including things like del.icio.us, RSS, and Google Docs. These are resources every school district can use, so check them out.

eLibrary podcast from ProQuest
(screencast on SIRS Discoverer biographies)
ProQuest is a company that provides electronic access to a wide variety of periodicals, newspapers, multimedia collections, and other resources. They are well known for their SIRS and eLibrary products. They also offer a wide selection of training video podcasts on their products. This is a great way to provide teachers with training resources that they can reference whenever they need them. They also provide monthly updates on new features.

HRD Professional Development podcast from Broward County Public Schools
(classroom video on elementary vocabulary lesson)
Broward County has produced a series of video podcasts offering professional development for administrators, teachers, and PD providers. These podcasts cover a wide variety of topics, such as math manipulatives, team teaching, learning stations, whole group assessment, and much more. They are unique in that they include extensive classroom footage and focus on topics other than technology integration (as many podcasts do).

Laptop Lounge Screencasts from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology
(segment on flickr)
FCIT offers screencasts like this one as a part of their Tech-Ease for Windows and Tech Ease for Mac web sites. These two sites feature answers to common technology questions with text, screenshots, step-by-step directions, and video tutorials. Topics include Mac OS X Tiger Basics, Podcasting with GarageBand, Using Audacity, Google Earth Basics, Social Bookmarking with del.icio.us, Photo Sharing with Flickr, and Creating Quizzes for the iPod. The screencasts break each topic down into short, easy-to-digest sub-topics. The videos are broadcast at a 640 x 480 resolution, making the details easily visible.

Reading Rockets
(segment on “The Alphabetic Principle”)
Reading Rockets is a project offering a variety of multimedia resources to support teaching children to learn to read. It is an initiative of WETA (Washington DC’s public television and radio station) and is funded by the USDOE’s Office of Special Education. In addition to its podcasts, this site has streaming video, webcasts, blogs, and much more.

If you’re looking for additional video sources to use for professional development, try these sites*:

- YouTube
- TeacherTube
- Google Video

* These site have some adult content, so as with all Internet content, make sure to screen the content before sharing.
It’s almost summer, and many of us will be working on creating curriculum units for next year. So our next show will feature sources for audio, video, and images that teachers can use free of charge.

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