Karen’s Mashups-Show 21-Math

Continuing our series of shows focused on specific curriculum areas (see past shows on science and history), today we’ll listen to podcasts about math.

There are also many excellent video-based podcasts and other resources on math. We’ll do a future show on these, but in the meantime, there are some links you can check out at the bottom of this post.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this show, including:

The Math Factor – excerpt from show with the “Ants on a Rod” puzzle solution

This entertaining podcast is produced by University of Arkansas math professor Chaim Goodman-Strauss and KUAF radio journalist Kyle Kellams. Each week, they present fun math puzzles and discuss the solutions in the next show. This podcast also includes interviews and other math tidbits.

Jamestown Elementary Podcast – Ms. Blake’s class story problems

Elementary students at this school podcast math story problems for other students to listen to and solve. Teachers at Arlington Public Schools are producing many interesting podcasts. Check out their podcasts on Famous Americans, Jamestown 2007, a Guide to the Smithsonian Institution museums, a Guide to Monuments on the National Mall in Washington, DC, and more.

Dan’s Math Cast – segment from show 33

The host of this show is Dan Bach, community college math instructor at Diablo Valley College. Mr. Bach’s show is focused on “math for the masses.” Each show has special features, a textbook chapter, challenge problems, an advanced topic, and a math joke.

Patrick Henry High School Podcast (log in as guest) – excerpt from Ms. Ann Wallace’s geometry review

This forward-thinking school, under the leadership of Mr. Keith Perrigan, uses podcasts to review various topics, including math. Even though we only included the audio here, these podcasts, hosted in Moodle, are video, so make sure to visit the web site to see the whole production. These review podcasts cover a variety of other subjects, such as social studies and language arts, as well.

Math Mutation – excerpt from “The Aliens Among Us”
This show hosted by Erik Seligman features fun, interesting, and weird corners of mathematics that you probably didn’t hear in school. The Math Mutation web site includes a variety of interesting links and a transcript for each show.

Transition sound – ElectroDub01 by geekhorde

Here are some other video-based resources for math instruction:

If you have other favorite sites, post a comment with the link!

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