Karen’s Mashups-Show 26-Current events and the elections

The upcoming U.S. elections provide many opportunities for using audio and video resources to foster meaningful discussions and activities around current issues that are relevant and motivating to students. Many organizations provide podcasts that cover various current events issues, and that content is the focus of this mashup.


Some of these podcasts are specially designed for classrooms and have a wide variety of teacher materials that accompany the content. There are even news-related podcasts specifically geared for ESL students.

Included in this show are:

Presidential debate from the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization founded to create an Internet library. It includes audio, video, and more, much of which is licensed under Creative Commons or other open licenses. This is a great place to find a wide variety of content, including current events programming and election-related materials.

CNN Student News – portion of show on the recent presidential debate

CNN provides this daily video podcast of news for students. Also on the web site are transcripts, activity suggestions, and more. CNN also provides opportunities for students to submit their own thoughts via the i-Report feature and the Student News blog.

Breaking News English – excerpt from show on McCain choosing Palin as his running mate

This web site provides several podcasts a week on current events. In addition to the audio podcast, the site also provides downloadable scripts, warm-up activities, pre-, while-, and post-listening activities, vocabulary support, and much more. Other great sites from the same producer include Famous People Lessons and ESL Discussions (conversation questions and speaking activities).

VOA News – portion of “Issues in the News” show
Voice of America provide a variety of podcasts with news content, including Daily Download, Encounter, Issues in the News, Our World, Press Conference USA, and Reporter’s Notebook. VOA also offers podcasts on world news content and podcasts designed for ESL audiences. Because these podcasts are all public domain, you can use them to make your own mashups or other derivative works.

Transition sound – Wind chime from Benboncan

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this show.

Here are more resources for current events and election-related podcasts:

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