This podcast features mashups (compilations) of short excerpts from podcasts and other digital content of potential interest to the educational community. It is intended to give you a taste of a various podcasts that you might want to explore further. Most shows will have a theme, such as math, science, student productions, professional development, museum productions, or technology news. Some shows will be focused on podcasts for administrators and teachers, while other shows will highlight podcasts for students or parents. The show is produced and hosted by Karen Fasimpaur of K12 Handhelds.

On this web site, we will include links to the web sites for each of the shows included in the episode, along with brief notes on the nature of the content included. Please note that while I listen to and evaluate several episodes of each show included, I do not listen to every episode. As with any Internet content, please screen anything you are going to share with students in advance.

If you have comments on any of the shows we include, please post them. You can also email us at Our show is richer because of the contributions of our listeners. Also, if you have suggestions for a future show or a podcast that you love that you think others would like to know about, let us know.

Please download these podcasts and use them as you like, including sharing them with others or using them in professional development sessions you are doing. The content in these podcasts is either public domain, Creative Commons, or used with permission as noted. Credits and links are included for each segment. There is a ton of great free content out there, so help spread the word!