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Free, open online course – Mobile Multimedia

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Here is another free, open, wiki-based, online professional development course: Mobile Multimedia: Podcasts, Mini-Movies, and More on Handhelds.

This one covers finding, using, and creating multimedia resources for differentiating instruction with students.

In case you missed it, another earlier free, open, wiki-based, online professional development course I published earlier was Hands On: Using Mobile Technology to Differentiate Instruction. There is some overlap between these courses, but also some very different content.

Stay tuned for more of these. I am becoming a believer that wikis like these are a great professional development tool, because they extend learning beyond a f2f workshop. And because these are free and open resources, you may use them for whatever purposes you’d like, including using them for workshops at your own schools and districts. Please also add to them. (If you’re about this, make your additions in the Discussion tab.) I hope they are useful.

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New Edition of Handheld Book

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

There is a brand new 2nd Edition now available of the popular book Handhelds for Teachers and Administrators by Tony Vincent and Janet Caughlin.

This new edition has a lot of new information, including a section on podcasting, which includes tips for using Audacity and information on publishing your podcast. Even if you already have the old edition of this book, it’s worth getting this update. It also includes a new CD with more lessons, software, podcasts, and movies!

Audacity tips

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Over the holiday break, I did a lot of recording in Audacity for a reading practice series of videos we’re doing, and I picked up a few tips that might be helpful to those of you who us Audacity:

  • The Noise Removal tool in the Effect menu is a good way to get rid of that slight background noise that you can often hear during narration.
  • To select multiple tracks, just drag up or down, and make sure they are highlighted. (This is especially useful if you want to export just a portion of something out to an MP3 file, but want all the tracks.)
  • If you have a lot of tracks, name them to keep track of what is what. To do this, click the triangle next to “Audio Track” at the left of the track.
  • There’s nothing like some fun music to liven up what can otherwise be pretty dull content!