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Edubloggercon – Classroom 2.0 session

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

Some quick thoughts from a session on Classroom 2.0 …

– With wikis, some people are hesitant to add because they think they might be “wrong.”

School 2.o was too radical of an idea for many. [My note: I started out there for just that reason; I was looking for a group with some ideas that were “out there.” It was a little lonely though. I moved over to Classroom 2.0, but sometimes find that much of the discussion there is not really 2.0-related.]

– There may be a need for a more database-type approach for creating/storing/accessing 2.0 curriculum resources that’s more structured than a wiki.

* There needs to be a set of tags that identify educational grade level, content area, and even national standards correlation. [My note: This is a really big idea, I think. There are so many great resources out there, but there needs to be consistent tags so they can be accessed easier.]

– There was a discussion of issues related to blocking of Google video, YouTube, etc. If more people licensed content under Creative Commons though, this content could be “harvested” off of these sites and put on other more “education-friendly” sites.

– Relevant links: Classroom 2.0 ning, School 2.0 ning, Classroom 2.0 wiki, Creative Commons licensing

Edubloggercon – video session

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

Some quick thoughts from a session on using video….

- We need research data on the effectiveness of video, so if you have any, please post and share. A lot of us have good anecdotal and qualitative data, but we need more quantitative data.
-Instead of teacher ed programs focusing on classroom video of best practices (which has its merit), how about having teacher’s create videos with the key points of their lessons for students to watch? This has the benefits of getting teachers to really think through what the salient points of a lesson are as well as having the side benefits of creating tons of great content. (Make sure to post to your end work so we can all use it.)
- If possible, license your educational video under Creative Commons so that we all can share.
- Check out Next Vista for Learning
- Check out Kevin Honeycutt’s video podcast