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Passion-driven learning

Monday, October 27th, 2014

K12online2014-Hi Res

I am very excited to be convening the Passion-Driven Learning strand of the K12 Online Conference this year. This is an approach I believe deeply in.

We have an all-star line up covering vital topics such as genius hour, connected learning, and more. Several of these projects are ones I’ve been proud to be associated with this year.

Here is the schedule for the week. (Links will be added as the sessions air.)

Keynote Passion-Based Learning
Joy Kirr

Connected Learning Through Google Apps
Jennifer Bloomingdale

A Key to Interest-Based Learning
Paul Allison

Grab the MIC (Musical Integration Concept)
Kevin Cornell

Genius Hour Passion Projects
JoAnn Delaney

Connected Learners Need Connect Leaders
Donna Fry and Mark Carbone

Finding Your People
Cheryl Steighner

Trust and Transparency
Bart Miller

Moving From “Some Study I Used to Know” to Inquisitive Learning with Genius Hour & Passion Projects
Michele Haiken

Passion-Driven Learning in #clmooc–Supporting Teacher Agency in Making and Learning
Mallory McNeal and Anna Smith

An Introduction to Webmaker for Educators
Brendan Murphy

Web 2.0 Tools that will increase Creativity and Passion in Your Online Courses
Courtney Kofeldt

As always, all of these K12 Online sessions are open licensed and shareable and will be available indefinitely for you to view, use, remix, and share.

Thank you to everyone who contributed a session to K12 Online this year and for the good work you do all year!

Tag sets for PD

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

I don’t know why I didn’t do this a long time ago, but I have just created annotated tag sets for two of my workshops (I guess I get the “bookmarking” part of social bookmarking, but sometimes forget about the “social” part.):

Web 2.0 — All You Can Eat Buffet
Using Open educational resources – Share, Remix, Learn

I already do wikis for all my workshop, and tag sets are another logical step of going to all-electronic workshop materials. Both of these tools are also a nice way to continue to deliver new info long after the workshops are over and to share with a wider audience.