A brief (and selective) history of podcasting…

2004 – Podcasting “invented” (according to Wikipedia… remember Adam Curry?).

2005 – The New Oxford American Dictionary names “podcast” as word of the year.

2005 – K12 Handhelds hosts their first podcasting workshops.

2007 – First generation iPhone introduced.

2007-2009 – K12 Handhelds produces and publishes Mashups podcast (and does lots and lots of podcasting workshops).

2010-ish (?) – K12 Handhelds does their last podcasting workshops. (Around this same time, someone brings a “podcasting is dead” article headline to one of my sessions.)

2014 – Serial podcast is produced. Podcasting surges in popularity.

2017 – Podcasts are bigger than ever (though people still don’t know exactly what one is and use the term incorrectly).

Podcasting: Everything old is new again
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