At NECC this year, I saw many attendees carrying new mini-laptops (also called netbooks) and talked to many planning large school purchases. A lot of people asked me which model is the best, and I referred folks to our comparison chart. If you have your own opinion about which model is best for schools, post your comments and experience.

While each has its pros and cons in terms of features, another consideration is which vendors know how to work with schools and will be around for the long haul. I like Dell in this regard. Not only do they work well with schools, but their new mini-laptop is ruggedized for kids and there is a cart available.

Another vendor that is doing well in the U.S. market is Acer. In fact, the New York Times ran an article this Sunday that says that Acer is poised to pass Dell and become the #2 seller of personal computers this year. That kind of market might makes for not only good prices, but longevity, always an important consideration in the mobile technology arena. Acer makes several mini-laptops that are good choices for schools to consider.

Acer and the mini-laptop market
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