Connected Educator month in August affected me deeply.

I consider myself “connected” — I’m on Twitter often; I use other social media tools to collaborate with others; I love online participatory learning. When I have a puzzling problem or a great discovery, I turn immediately to my PLN. Connected Educator month made me reflect on how important these connections are to me and to many others.

But perhaps more importantly, Connected Educator month made me realize what a great disadvantage teachers who are not connected face. I think this is becoming an equity issue for teachers. If you aren’t a part of a strong PLN, you simply don’t have the edge in your professional learning.

I think that professional organizations, state policymakers, and district and building leadership should be pushing this issue. Our teachers and our learners deserve it.

So the challenge for me has been thinking about how I can help more teachers get connected.

One thing I’m doing is helping coordinate a Teacher Boot Camp (hopefully, the first of many) with the specific aim of getting teachers connected. This day is for teachers who aren’t on Twitter, haven’t set up a collaborative Google Doc, don’t know what G+ is, and just haven’t gotten around to setting up a PLN.

This day will be in Portland, Oregon on February 27 and is a part of the NCCE “Make Your Future” summits.

If you know a teacher who might benefit from this, please let them know about it. (We’ve tried to keep the price low at $100 per person.)

And if you’d like to host an event like this in your own community, please do (either yourself or in conjunction with me or others)!

I think that getting more teachers actively connected is one of the most important things we can do.

All teachers deserve to be "connected"
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One thought on “All teachers deserve to be "connected"

  • December 20, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    I’m so excited about going to NCCE! Last year I won a registration to the conference in Seattle. So, this year, I lobbied hard to take a group of teachers to NCCE in Portland. To date we are planning on taking 8 people. That includes my principal! As this will be their first conference, I recommended they only go for two days. Absorbing all that information is overwhelming. However, I will pass this info on just in case they want to attend. Each time they hear about Twitter and G+ gets them a little closer to digital learning. I’m all for it!


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