Over the holiday break, I did a lot of recording in Audacity for a reading practice series of videos we’re doing, and I picked up a few tips that might be helpful to those of you who us Audacity:

  • The Noise Removal tool in the Effect menu is a good way to get rid of that slight background noise that you can often hear during narration.
  • To select multiple tracks, just drag up or down, and make sure they are highlighted. (This is especially useful if you want to export just a portion of something out to an MP3 file, but want all the tracks.)
  • If you have a lot of tracks, name them to keep track of what is what. To do this, click the triangle next to “Audio Track” at the left of the track.
  • There’s nothing like some fun music to liven up what can otherwise be pretty dull content!
Audacity tips
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