I have finally switched over my last major blog from Blogger to WordPress. (Thanks, Brad.) If you subscribe via an RSS feed, I am hoping you won’t see a disruption, but if so, we apologize.

For those of you unfamiliar with WordPress, it is a great blogging tool that is free and open source. You can have WordPress host your blog for you or you can host it yourself. It is also a great tool for hosting a podcast.

I think that WordPress is superior to Blogger for many reasons, but here are my top 5:

  1. It is free AND open.
  2. You own and control your own data.
  3. You can host it yourself (and if you’re doing blogging with teachers or students, check out the MU version).
  4. It is well-supported.
  5. You can do a lot of customization, including loading various themes, creating web pages (in addition to blog posts), and even modifying the code yourself if you’re inclined.

(And one more….It isn’t blocked by school filters.)

Blog switchover
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