I did a hands-on session this week on my new favorite topic, Open Educational Resources, that was really well received. (I’ll be presenting this at NCCE in Seattle on Feb. 28 and at CUE in Palm Springs on March 7 for those of you who will be there.)

This seems to be a topic that generates a lot of enthusiasm and passion; I know it has for me. While I was presenting, one woman raised her hand and said that this all sounded great, but her kids didn’t all have access to computers. That’s why I got into mobile technology, I answered. It provides cheap access to technology.

In OER, we think a lot about access in terms of the developing world, but it’s important here too. This was a big a-ha moment for me, connecting OER with my “real job,” mobile tech.

I’m becoming more convinced that a part of the answer is cell phones.

Cheap + Mobile = Access

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