I have been asked many times how you can do “green screen” in Windows Movie Maker. (This technique, also known as chroma key, lets you import a background image, for example, the Taj Mahal, and then composite in video of a person over it. The video is shot with a solid green or sometimes blue background, which is then electronically brought in as the background image.)

My standard answer has always been that Windows Movie Maker doesn’t do that. You need a more sophisticated video program. But it turns out that is wrong.

I also assumed that iMovie would do this. Then I was at a school the other day working with 2nd grade students on weather reports that were planned to be chroma key’d in to pictures the kids had colored. I tried to do this on iMovie, but was surprised to find that the version they had didn’t support this.

So I did a little digging on chroma key and Windows Movie Maker and found this: a very easy to install and use add-on to WMM that makes chroma key a simple transition effect!

In a matter of minutes, we had some very cute videos!

Chroma key in Windows Movie Maker
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