If you are looking for some summer fun, consider CLMOOC, a highly flexible online collaboration of educators exploring Connected Learning and maker education. If you’ve heard about maker ed but aren’t quite sure what it is, this is a great way to experience it firsthand.

CLMOOC takes place June 18–August 2, 2015 and includes six week-long iterative make cycles. You can sign up to get updates here. It is designed to be a collaboration rather than a course to which educators are invited to come in and participate during any or all cycles — the best way to engage is to sign up to receive the newsletter and jump in whenever you have time and interest.

You can see some of what happened in CLMOOC last year and what’s happening now in our G+ community or on Twitter.

I’ve also been brainstorming what might go into a great “maker box” for classrooms here. Add your thoughts!

CLMOOC returns!
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