K12 Handhelds is pleased to make available these FREE electronic resources for Constitution Day*.

These resources include an interactive ebook with embedded review questions, a timeline, a linked glossary, and more; an annotated copy of the Constitution and its amendments; a collection of web resources on the Constitution, including the Constitution in Spanish and French; a quiz; and recorded narrations of the Constitution and its amendments! These resources can be used on Palm or Windows Mobile handhelds or on desktop or laptop computers.

This ebook is a good example of the kinds of things you can do with MobiPocket. This is a great ebook reader that supports high res graphics and works on Palm and Pocket PC. It also has the ability to include interactivity, such as self-checking questions, as you’ll see in the Constitution ebook.

We just completed developing a whole series of middle school math ebooks in MobiPocket. They include explanations of how to do various of problems, followed by sample problem sets for students to work right in the book. This is a good way to deliver instruction in small chunks and then to assess mastery as students go through the material.

I see a lot of potential for these kinds of electronic resources — once you have materials that are better than print and are correlated directly to the standards, then this kind of technology really makes sense!

* September 17 is Constitution Day. Federal regulations mandate that all schools receiving federal funds hold an educational program related to the Constitution on September 17 each year.

Free Constitution Resources
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