Several people asked me about places that provide free web hosting space (so that they can FTP their podcasts there and then link to them in a blog). Here are some places that do this:

GeoCities (part of Yahoo) – free package offers 15 MB of server space and 3 GB/month of data transfer traffic

Google Pages (a new service still in the “testing phase”) – free package offers 100 MB of server space

If you have a personal account on Earthlink, AOL, or other ISPs, many of them offer free hosting as well.

Here are a bunch more. Note that I do not have persoal experience with these, so read the details. Many/most free hosting services include advertising, but that probably isn’t a big issue if you’re just linking to content on a blog.

I hope this is useful. If you have used another free hosting service that you like, please post the info here as a comment. Thanks!

Free web server space
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