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These basic devices are intended for reading ebooks and not much more. (We’ve included the more sophisticated devices from the same manufacturers in our post on tablets.)

Credit: Corey Harris
Credit: Corey Harris

Manufacturers and models:




  • Enhanced features for reading, including variable display, dictionary support, search, notetaking, etc.
  • Low cost
  • Long battery life
  • Single use (minimizes distraction)
  • Wireless not required


  • Single use

Killer applications:

  • Ebooks

Things to consider and some opinions:

  • These devices are designed for reading ebooks. If you want a device that does more, consider a tablet.
  • While the use of these devices is limited, they are good at what they do. Not having access to a ton of other apps can also help students focus on reading. Having a few of these devices in a classroom or making them available for checkout from the library is a great way to encourage reading and provide some extra features like vocabulary support, searching, and variable display options.
Mobile devices: Ebook readers
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