This is a part of a series on mobile devices available for learning.


These are very small touch screen devices — smaller than a tablet but not a cell phone!
(These devices have the capability to install a variety of apps. There are many other devices that support audio and video playback, but not other interactive uses.)


Manufacturers and models:
These devices used to be more plentiful with Palm and Windows mobile handhelds, but now there are just a few.




  • Ultra mobile
  • Low cost


  • Limited uses
  • No built-in keyboard
  • Consumption-oriented

Killer applications:

  • Multimedia viewing
  • Ebooks

Things to consider and some opinions:

  • Think about your curriculum goals before deciding on any devices.
  • While these devices are no substitute for a laptop, there is still a lot you can do with them. (Remember all the great things teachers and students did with Palm handhelds?) Having a few of these low cost, highly mobile devices can be a boon for differentiation.
  • These devices come with different operating systems (Android, iOS) and have different applications available. If you start by thinking about what you want to accomplish with the devices and then look for a device that has applications that support that purpose, you’ll be ahead of the game.
Mobile devices: Handheld multimedia players
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