I am doing a lot of work with one-to-one laptop programs, especially with the new inexpensive ($300-ish) ones.

These laptops are well-suited for learning in so many ways, but one struggle we have is with power. Even with the best of the batteries, you can’t get through the day without recharging, and over time, battery life gets worse and worse.

For schools considering one-to-one programs, I think it essential that laptops be on students’ desks. (This may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many schools put computers around the sides or back of a room. This is not conducive to effective integration!) A great way to make this work is with easy-to install power poles. In most rooms, two or three poles are enough.

If you are planning a new laptop implementation, don’t forget to plan for power!

Top of poles:

Power outlets at the bottom of poles:

Power struggle
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