TCPMP is a great free mobile audio and video player for Palms that we’ve recommended in the past. You may have noticed that the old web page for the TCPMP hasn’t been up lately.

Apparently, like other projects, TCPMP’s CoreCodec group has branched off to create a commercial product. We haven’t evaluated the commerical product yet, but we suspect it has some useful features. (Money coming in tends to help product development.)

If you’d still like to use and download the old free Open Source version though, we now have a link to it on our site that you can use.

If anyone knows more “scoop” on what’s going on with the Open Source version TCPMP (is anyone still maintaining it?), please post your comments.

TCPMP video player
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2 thoughts on “TCPMP video player

  • June 15, 2007 at 8:25 am

    Any idea where a developer could get his hands on that original source? I got the prc and plugins and it works so I would just liked to see how they did it.


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