THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your responses to my question about tech basics no teacher should be without. From the number of enthusiastic responses, I am thinking this is a resource that will be able to be used by many. (And I already have two workshops scheduled that I’m planning to use this for…so the clock is ticking.:)

Obviously, there were more ideas than I can reasonably do videos for in the short-term, so here is a list of what I’ll tackle first:


  • Right-clicking
  • Managing multiple workspaces (alt-tab, using the taskbar, Show desktop)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (F1, ctrl-a, shift and select, home, end, etc.)
  • Screen capture

File management

  • Creating and managing folders (inc. viewing in different formats)
  • File naming
  • Save and save as
  • Searching for files
  • Creating short cuts on the desktop

Browser skills

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Searching a web page

And here are other that I’ll have to save for another time:

  • Using help features
  • Resizing images/image editing
  • Hardware troubleshooting (rebooting, checking cable connections)
  • Computer maintenance (defrag, backing up, etc.)
  • How to change screen resolution
  • Changing the audio volume level
  • Installing and uninstalling apps
  • Hard drive space
  • Identifying file types (extensions, etc.)
  • Effective search techniques
  • Web site evaluation
  • Social bookmarking
  • Selecting the best app for the job
  • Burning a CD
  • How to use a USB drive (inc. how to remove safely)
  • Connecting to wireless

And two more humongous ones:

  • Information literacy
  • Problem solving

Look for an update (with some videos) on these in a couple weeks!

  • Downloading and saving a file
  • Tech basics no teacher should be without

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