Every day, I am becoming a bigger advocate for copyleft licensing options for content. Copyleft licenses lets the creator maintain ownership (and copyright), while allowing others to share the content under terms specified by the creator.

If you are looking for images to use in presentations, copyleft content offers you a legal option for free content. If you are creating content, consider sharing it with others under a copyleft agreement.

My newest podcast features a sampling of great copyleft visual resources, like clip art, photos, and video. (If you missed it, the last show was on audio resources.) Both of these shows were really fun to produce (and a lot of work to edit, but that’s part of the fun).

Here is a list of copyleft sources to look at:

* Open Clip Art Library [Note: This site is in transition, but this art is also downloadable from other sites.]
* Wikimedia Commons

* Wikimedia Commons
* The Open Photo Project
* morgueFile
* Stock.XCHNG
* Flickr
* Library of Congress

Video and animation
* Wikimedia Commons
* NASA’s Earth Observatory [lets you build your own custom animations]
* Internet Archive

* ccMixter
* Wikimedia Commons music
* Internet Archive (wide variety of stuff here, not all copyleft)
* Partners in Rhyme
* MusOpen

Spoken word
* Spoken Wikipedia
* Library of Congress
* Voice of America
* Internet Archive (wide variety of stuff here, not all copyleft)

Sound Effects
* The Freesound Project
* Partners in Rhyme
* US Fish and Wildlife Service (animal sounds)

Search engines for other copyleft content
* Creative Commons
* Wikimedia Commons
* Common Content
* ibiblio

At some point in the future, I’ll do another podcast on copyleft-licensed educational resources. Hope you enjoy!

Free "copyleft" visual resources
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  • July 5, 2007 at 8:03 pm

    Excellent list. Thanks for sharing!



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