For anyone presenting about podcasting or just trying to show some of the possible uses in education, here is the “fastest 5 minutes in podcasting” clips I use. Note that each clip is only a small snippet of the actual podcast. Sources and links are below, and there is also a 3 minute version that omits administrative applications.

Fastest 5 minutes in podcasting

Fastest 3 minutes in podcasting



Albemarle Co. Public Schools

Los Angeles Co. Office of Ed.

Professional Development

PD to Go


T4 Podcast – Jordan School Dist.

For students

Grammar Girl

Books Talks

Colonial Williamsburg

Quirks and Quarks

For parents

LD Podcast

By students

ColeyCast – Tovashal Elem.

Jamestown – Jamestown Elem.

WKSN – Kate Sullivan Elem.

CarverCast – GW Carver Elem.

Our City – St. Andrew’s Priory School

Radio WillowWeb – Willowdale Elem.

Room 208 – Wells Elem.

Podcasting compilations

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